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Residential Stucco Siding Sandy Springs, Ga

Stucco that has not been properly applied or coated can cause devastating moisture problems in your home. Oftentimes, Stucco has already been extensively compromised before the homeowner is even aware that the problems exists.

This is more than just an eyesore on the home, because the damaged areas open up your home for mold, rot, and even worse, Stucco failure. We stress that prevention is key in saving our Sandy Springs clients money and heartache.

Drainage and improper application are at the center of Stucco failure. Thankfully, these are relatively simple fixes that require redirection of downspouts, cleaning of gutters, and/or properly repairing poor installation. Plants, trees and mulch around the home can also cause potential problems with Stucco homes.

Our goal is to partner with you, not only in the repair or installation of Stucco, but also by providing you with the information needed to protect your most significant investment for years to come.